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November 15, 2019

5 Reasons Big Box Storage, Inc. Should Be Your San Diego Storage Company

For those seeking to rent a storage unit in San Diego or one of its surrounding cities (Oceanside, San Marcos, Vista, Escondido, Poway, Carlsbad, Del Mar, El Cajon, La Mesa, Chula Vista, Bonita, etc.), below is an overview of five reasons why their first and only choice should be Big Box Storage, San Diego’s portable storage company.

1. Convenience Ð Seldom does anyone in San Diego (or really anywhere) ever think of the words convenience and storage in the same sentence. By its very nature, storage brings about thoughts of excess labor and hassles. A typical vision of storage might include having to rent or borrow a large truck (this includes driving to a truck rental outlet to pick up the rental as well as driving back to the outlet once the process has been completed). Once the truck has been picked up, the real fun begins for the storage seeker. At that point they can drive the truck back to their local San Diego address and start loading their items into it. Household goods such as furniture, televisions, mattresses, as well as boxes of clothes and accessories are all common targets for inclusion. Ideally the items will all fit into the truck so as to ensure that multiple trips won’t be needed back and forth between their address and the storage facility. If not, additional trips will obviously be involved. Beyond the additional time involved with multiple trips, if the storage user has rented the truck, this will also mean additional mileage and gas costs to absorb. Essentially, the described situation is the complete opposite of convenient.

Alternatively, as you may already be aware, the service offering by Big Box Storage allows the renter to avoid all of the above-mentioned inconveniences. Instead of having to rent a truck, load the truck, and drive to the storage facility, Big Box Storage delivers the storage unit directly to the customer’s residential or business address. It’s generally placed in an area where a car might otherwise park such as a driveway or parking space (basically as close to the customer’s front door as possible). Once it’s been delivered to the address, the renter then takes as much time as they need to load the unit. Some renters might only need an hour or two while others might need weeks or even months. Whatever the desired loading time window, it’s no problem as there’s certainly no rush. Once they’ve completed the loading, the company returns and picks up the unit. After the pickup, it’s transported back to the company’s secure storage facility in San Diego where it is stored inside. Just as with most traditional self-storage facilities, access to the unit is then available seven days a week should the renter ever need to retrieve something from the unit (or place additional items into it).

So the choice seems clear. If convenience is a driving factor in the search for storage, there are significant advantages in terms of cost, time, and effort when opting for a portable storage solution, as offered by Big Box Storage, over traditional self-storage.

2. Price Ð As any local storage seeker that has done some homework knows, storage rental rates vary quite substantially throughout San Diego County. Check on a price at a facility near La Jolla and you’ll quickly see that it’s considerably more than the price for the same size storage unit in El Cajon or Escondido. This isn’t to knock the later locations Ð it’s simply that land values naturally tend to increase as one gets closer to the coast. As such, storage rates also tend to increase based on these geographics. Beyond proximity to the coast, there are numerous other factors that play a role in the storage rental rates offered by the different companies. These include the different rates offered by competitors in the surrounding area, the perceived condition of the facility, commitment to security (addressed below), staffing levels, advertising/marketing costs, the current demand for storage services in San Diego (it tends to be seasonal, in general), perceived affordability/purchasing power of the customers in the area, as well as the company’s desired gross profit margin. These are only some of the factors (although the primary ones).

As of the date of this blog post. the rental rates offered by Big Box Storage vary slightly depending upon the desired minimum rental term of the customer. For those interested in renting for at least twelve months, the rental rate is just $79 per month (an approximate discount of 15 percent off the company’s standard $89 monthly rate). The company also waives its initial $99 delivery fee for customers interested in renting for at least three months. This fee waiver provides for the delivery of the empty Big Box(es) to the customer’s address as well as the return to pickup the Big Box(es) once the customer has completed the loading of it/them. As for how the Big Box rates compare to other storage companies, please note that the rates are also backed by a low-price guarantee, which ensures that the customer will receive a rate that is at least 10% less than the published rate of any other competitor storage company. Additionally, should the customer wish to schedule the delivery of their Big Box through the company’s site, they would also receive a $25 discount which would be applied directly towards the first month’s rent.

Those who place a high premium on a low price should certainly shop around and check the different rental rates being offered in their area. Ultimately a decision on a rental unit should come down to value over price. Feel free to ask a Big Box Storage representative about any questions you might have on the topic.

3. Location Ð If you live within “greater” San Diego County (loosely described as Oceanside in the north, El Cajon in the east, and Chula Vista in the south), then there’s a very good chance that you live within several miles of a self-storage facility. In total, there are several dozen facilities within this area. As such, prospective storage renters have ample choices to select from when looking for a provider in the location or neighborhood.

In the situation offered by Big Box Storage, the “location” of the storage unit is actually almost as close as your front door. As the unit is delivered right to your address and that is where the customer would load it, the need to drive to and from a facility is negated. The company delivers throughout the above-mentioned greater San Diego County (deliveries beyond this area are also available for an additional fee).

Should the customer have a need to access their Big Box while in storage, they have the option of having the Big Box redelivered back to their address or they can visit the company’s facility any day of the week. The address of the Big Box Storage facility is 7077 Consolidated Way, San Diego, CA 92121.

4. Security Ð While not common events at storage facilities nationwide, break-ins and incidences of theft can and do happen. The majority of such occurrences are related, either directly or indirectly, to an existing or previous customer of the particular facility. For example, a customer is inside the facility and they notice another unit that happens to be unlocked. After looking around to see if anyone is nearby (or if any cameras are monitoring the area), the urge to open the door overcomes them and they then steal some/all of the contents of the unit. With Big Box Storage, customers do not access their units inside the area where the units are actually stored. Instead whenever a customer wishes to access their unit, it’s placed into an access area which allows the customer to drive right up to it. Once they’re done with the access, it’s then placed back into the secure storage facility. This process, in and of itself, is a significant barrier against occurrences of theft as it ensures that the individuals within the vicinity the rented storage unit are primarily company employees. Beyond such, Big Box Storage also a wide array of additional security measures including video cameras, motion sensors, and on-site staffing seven days a week (please inquire for hours).

5. Size Ð Storage units come in a wide variety of sizes. Some common ones include 5’x5′, 5’x8′, 5’x10′, and 5’x15′. Beyond square footage, a storage renter should also take into account the height of the unit. While most are 7’+ feet, some are as short as just 4′. With Big Box Storage, the units (or rather Big Boxes) are all identical in terms of size. Each one is 5’x8’x7′ as measured by exterior dimensions (with the 7′ dimension being the height). In situations where a Big Box Storage customer needs additional space, multiple Big Boxes can always be delivered to their address. The company’s trucks can hold up to five Big Boxes at a time. It is suggested that, when estimating the amount of space needed, the customer overestimate. For example, if they are debating between one or two Big Boxes, it’s suggested that they have two delivered. This will ensure that they have the space that they need available. However, should they find that they don’t need the additional box, the company will return to pick it up empty and the customer will not be charged for it. Essentially, it’s there if they need it and there’s no cost if they don’t. Prospective renters will find a link to a helpful storage space estimator tool at the bottom of this page. Additionally, customers in need of multiple Big Boxes scan also opt to have them delivered at different time. With this staggered delivery approach, the customer can have one unit delivered, and then, once they are done loading the first, they can have a second delivered at the time the first one is being picked up.

Deciding on a storage provider is undoubtedly an important choice. Over the last seventeen years, tens of thousands of storage renters have included these above four factors in their decision-making process before opting to rent from Big Box Storage. For more information on the services offered by the company, please contact the company at 619-436-5020. Happy storing!